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Smart Dental CAD Studio (SDS) is a digital dental CAD design center, we work for dental lab, dentist and milling centers around the world, offering High quality and same day design service. SDS is a startup created by Jerry Liu in 2013, we provide dental digital design service more than 10 years.

Our designers have rich experience on designing full contour crowns and bridge on Exocad, 3 shape dental design software. All the designers have very good command of dental Technology and Anatomy. We can design very good full contours, veneers, custom Implant, Implant bars, Aligner design,3D Model, all on 4, full arch denture, metal framework, mock-up design, diagnostic wax-up design.

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  • Clear Aligner Design By SDS

  • Clear Aligner Design by SDS

  • Clear Aligner Design by SDS

  • DSD design By Smart dental CAD Studio

  • Intra-oral scanning for a single crown prep (Trios 3Shape)

  • 3Shape TRIOS - Scannen mehrerer Stifte

  • Glidewell- scanning- milling- polishing-finishing.

  • Glidewell -Why redo the bridge

  • Glidewell - Its best Intra oral scan training for Dr

  • Glidewell - Best Intra oral scan training for Dr

Our Products

Clear Aligner Design
Orthodontic treatment using aligners has more than 20 years of history. Like almost every other technology it is constantly changing and improving. Once performed on plaster models, the planning now is purely digital.
Mock Up Design
Smart Dental CAD Solution is a digital dental CAD design center, we work for dental labs, dentists and milling centers around the world.We offer high quality design and same day design service.
All on 4 design
All-on-4 (AO4) implants are a permanent set of fabricated teeth set on dental implants surgically placed into your jaw. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth.
Crown/Bridge Design
'S-D-S' is a full design service lab we are working with dental lab, milling machine and dental clinic, its best solution in digital equipment to accommodate digital dentistry services...
Digital Denture Design
Benefits of Digital Denture Design Dentures have changed significantly thanks to state-of-the-art technology.
Digital Smile Design
Digital Smile Design (DSD) is an amazing technology developed by Dr. Christian Coachman (from Brazil) that allows dentists to best digitally design and pre-plan your smile on your face before going ahead with treatment.

How to work with us


Scan your file in office

We accept intraoral scan, impression tray scan, model scan files, and stl files.

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Login and drop your scan files into our system.

Online review the design

Quick Review the design in the system and mill it by yourself.

How to make payment

We accept paypal, visa / master and bank transfer.


1. What is dental cad cam design?

CAD and CAM are Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing respectively. 

  • CAD software: This is used to process the images of your teeth and plan your custom dental prostheses. This software can also show you your predicted treatment results.
  • CAM machine: This machine transforms your dental scans into the actual restoration via 3D printing.


They are both software programs that aid professionals performing complex dental procedures. CAD CAM dentistry has been used since mid-1980s, revolutionizing the construction of dental restorations and prostheses.  Dr Duret was the first person to develop a dental CAD/CAM device, making crowns based on an optical impression of the abutment tooth and using a numerically controlled milling machine as early as 1971. He produced the first dental CAD/CAM restoration in 1983 and demonstrated his system at the French Dental Association’s international congress in November 1985 by creating a posterior crown restoration for his wife in less than an hour. Dr Duret later developed the Sopha system. Dr Mörmann was the developer of the first commercial CAD/CAM system. He consulted with Dr Marco Brandestini, an electrical engineer, who came up with the idea of using optics to scan the teeth. By 1985, the team had performed the first chairside inlay using a combination of their optical scanner and milling device. They called the device CEREC, an acronym for computer-assisted ceramic reconstruction.

CAD/CAM dental practice can be considered as the handling of devices and software processing for the almost automatic design and creation of dental restorations. With today’s advancements in computing, there are now tools that have made the process simpler, quicker, and more accurate.  With this technology, our dental design company can place dental crowns, bridges, and implants in one visit.  The technology allows the delivery of a well-fitting, aesthetic, and a durable prostheses for the patient and can complete restoration procedures from a single block of ceramics, including dental crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays, onlays.   CAD/CAM medical devices, together with the development of the market, lead to cost reduction in custom-made dental cad design services. Furthermore, reducing materials used for impression and casting, along with electronic transmission instead of transport, also have a positive impact on the environment.

2. How dental cad cam Software works?

CAD/CAM software is used to create a 3D digital model of a dental restoration of a crown, bridge, denture or other dental restoration and then instructs the mill or 3D printer on how to produce it. The technology, which is used in both the dental laboratory and the dental office, can be applied to inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, fixed partial dentures, implant abutments, and even full-mouth reconstruction. After our cad cam designer receives your file, we will use optical scanner will digitally capture the tooth preparation and surrounding teeth to create a 3D custom image and will use the CAD software to design the final restoration. And then, our cad cam designer will use a milling machine design and shapes the crown, veneer, inlay, onlay, or bridge from a single block of ceramic. After that, the restoration is stained or glazed to look more natural before being polished. Finally, the restoration is permanently placed in your mouth to complete your smile.

3. What are the benefits of dental cad cam design services?

CAD/CAM has improved the quality of prostheses in dentistry and standardized the production process. It has increased productivity and the opportunity to work with new materials with a high level of accuracy. It has decreased chair time for the patient by the use of intra-oral scanning systems which allow the dentist to send electronic impressions to the lab. The restorations are milled from a block of ceramic which has fewer flaws.

Dental cad design services improve the efficiency, speed & especially the accuracy of many dental restoration procedures. In the traditional ways in the past, it made a model of your mouth, using impressions, molds & casting, there is the possibility of distortions occurring that make the model slightly inaccurate. When a dental crown is made on a slightly inaccurate model, there is higher opportunity that the fit of the crown will have to be adjusted a lot before it is comfortable. With dental cad design services, our dental design company gets a perfect fit the vast majority of the time. With dental cad cam design services technology, we can get your smile back to normal faster than ever & with beautiful results.

Dental cad cam design services is easier for patients who have a strong gag reflex that makes it more difficult to make dental impressions. It also makes orthodontic treatment easier, because using this technology, dentists can take digital scans of a patient’s teeth, which are faster and more accurate than making molds. These scans can be used with software, making the planning and delivery of treatment easier and faster, especially when it comes to invisible braces.

4. How is dental cad cam design services different from traditional dental restoration?

Using traditional laboratory methods, your dentist or prosthodontist would prepare your tooth, make an impression, and send the impression to a lab to create the final restoration. It can take two to three appointments at least to complete the above steps. The traditional method requires the patient to place a tray with a thick, gooey material — called alginate — in their mouth and hold for two to five minutes until the material sets. A scanner is placed in the patient’s mouth with digital impressions and moved around the affected area — like waving a magic wand.

With dental cad cam design services, there is no need for manual dental impressions to be taken, or for tedious lab work and multiple appointments. the dental professional can sometimes complete all these steps via online, allowing for fewer disruptions in your schedule. With dental cad cam design services, what’s more, the results with CAD/CAM are more precise and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, CAD/CAM technology eliminates several outsourcing costs for your dental professional, and these savings may be passed onto the patient, so as to increase cost-effectiveness

5. Is everyone suitable for dental cad design services

For patients who have missing or damaged teeth, the latest innovations in dental technology offer a new level of fast, high-quality dental restorations. But not every tooth can be treated with dental cad design services, so talk with our professional cad cam designer about your best options.

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